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You bathe in water that is literally infused with CO2, which the skin absorbs transdermally. The experience is extremely pleasant as you are surrounded by CO2 bubbling up all around you... Of all the strategies known to extend life, CO2 is one of the most effective longevity interventions available. There really isn’t anything else that comes close.

Dr. Marian J. Porter, ND
Daphne, AL

LOVE these products. A stay at home mom. We have 2 teens a 4 year old and a baby. I love baths and miss baths because I no longer take them weekly.. it’s more 30 sec showers haha! Let me tell you … I got these and after a bath it feels like I spent a weekend at a spa getaway.

Leah G.
Weekend at a Spa Getaway

I loved it! I felt completely relaxed! It almost put me to sleep right then! Thank you so much! I love taking baths and I’m always looking for the best way to enjoy them!


Discovering The Perfect Bath has been a game changer for my self-care routine! It's no longer just a bath, it's an experience of self-love.. The carefully crafted ingredients and attention to detail make all the difference. Trust me, you'll feel like royalty after using these products!

Olivia R

My back pain is literally gone! There is no other detox bath like this with Shilajit. Highly recommend it

Kelly G.
Back Pain Healed