About Us

It all started in March 2020...

At Bathing Evolved, we truly believe that bathing is not just about cleaning yourself. It is so much more. It is your time to reset, to rejuvenate, and escape your hectic life. In short, it’s your me time. So, we want to harness the power of nature and the efficacy of science to partner with you on your unique self-care journey. Our bath products are ready to give you your moment of zen to help you reach your full potential. 

2 weeks into the COVID-19 lockdown led brothers Will Khaziri and David Khaziri to experiment with anti-stress bath blends, which ultimately led to the breakthrough REVIVAL bath formula. They researched the ancient water healing practices of ancient cultures and realized that bathing was about more than simply cleaning yourself. It can be a healing experience on all levels, the physical, emotional, and spiritual.  

The problem with most bath soaks on the market is that they only provide one or two main benefits during the experience. Most focus on the essential oil aromatherapy benefit of the bath or the mineral benefit of the magnesium from the epsom salts or magnesium flakes. These are great benefits but why not take it a step further?? 

This is why we added ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS - for maximum muscle recovery. Our patented formula gets the essential aminos directly into the muscles. We then added circulation boosting supplements like beta alanine and Vitamin B3. 

Our mission with Bathing Evolved is to take all things personal care to the next level. Higher purity and quality standards, and more optimized functional solutions.

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