A Doctor's Insight: The Benefits of CO2 Baths


We are thrilled to share a wonderful testimonial from Dr. Marian J. Porter, ND, who recently experienced the benefits of our CO2 bath products. Dr. Porter is a respected Doctor of Naturopathy specializing in detoxification and blood chemistry. Here’s what she had to say:


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April 16, 2024

ATTN: Evolved Elements

Dear David and Will:

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your wonderful products. I’d especially like to tell you why I believe carbon dioxide (CO2) is so important.

As a Doctor of Naturopathy, my specialties are detoxification and blood chemistry. On a blood test, CO2 has a very narrow range between 26 and 31. Anyone familiar with blood chemistry knows that it is not a sign of good health when the CO2 result goes below 26. When it goes below this range, there is the possibility of systemic acidosis. It is frequently decreased in diabetics. The question is: “How do you increase CO2 when it is low?”

I was pleased recently to find a product that does exactly that. It is made by your company called Evolved Elements. It is a CO2 product that you add to the bath water. You bathe in water that is literally infused with CO2, which the skin absorbs transdermally. The experience is extremely pleasant as you are surrounded by CO2 bubbling up all around you.

The Romans recommended taking baths in naturally carbonated water for all kinds of ailments, but especially arthritis, infertility, and psychiatric ailments, and this practice extended well into the Middle Ages when monks prescribed it. Also, Asian cultures have a long history of using carbonated water for its many health benefits. In the 20th century, Russian scientists did considerable research on CO2, and to this day, many Russian clinics offer CO2 baths and other CO2 treatments.

There’s even a suit that can be filled up with CO2, which then transdermally diffuses into your tissues. You’ll start feeling hot very rapidly and this is a sign of vasodilation, which is one of the cardiovascular effects of CO2. It’s been shown that CO2 can even reverse arterial calcification. It can also reverse many other signs of and damage caused by the aging process.

To this day many visit natural hot springs, and the likely benefit in many of these springs is the high CO2 content of the water. Unfortunately, virtually no doctors understand this. It’s rather surprising that the benefits of CO2 have become forgotten considering its historical use.

CO2 is a component on a blood test that indicates the amount of alkaline (or base) bound as bicarbonate in the blood that is available for the neutralization of acids. In other words, CO2 represents the alkaline reserves that the body has readily available for the neutralization of harmful acids. This is very important because the body has a critical rule: “Alkalize or die.”

CO2 is typically thought of as nothing more than a harmful waste product of respiration, but it is actually a driver of mitochondrial energy production, and it improves the delivery of oxygen into your cells. Of all the strategies known to extend life, CO2 is one of the most effective longevity interventions available. There really isn’t anything else that comes close.

Dr. Ray Peat, PhD, a biologist and physiologist who developed the bioenergetic theory of health, was one of the few who had a thorough understanding of the importance of CO2, and recommended its clinical use. You can find his videos on the benefits of CO2 by going to YouTube and typing in “Ray Peat CO2.”

Very respectfully,

Marian Jane Porter

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We are grateful to Dr. Porter for her kind words and for sharing her professional insights with us. Her testimonial reaffirms our commitment to providing high-quality, health-enhancing bath products.

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