The Bathing Evolved Podcast | Episode 2 - Biohacking, Stress, & Sleep with Bob Linville

Epic interview with Bob Linville!

Joining us today in this holiday season is Bob Linville or Biohacking Bobby. We talk about tips for deep-rejuvenating sleep, stress reduction, biohacking, and supplementation. Enjoy the knowledge and good conversation!


Episode 2 Transcription 


Kayley 0:14 

Welcome to the bathing evolve podcast. I'm your host Kaylee and here we talk about all things. Wellness, biohacking, bathing. Today's guest is Bob Linville. And we'll be talking about stress reduction, and sleep and some of the protocols he does for biohacking wellness and all that fun stuff. One thing we were talking about before that we might want to start off with is light, we're talking about how we get our studio set up and what types of lighting we're using. So Bob is using the red light, and I'm using the opposite kind of like I'm using a blue light that is a phototherapy light, and it is supposed to help produce vitamin D. And in these winter months, it can be hard to get vitamin D, because I'm here in Pennsylvania, and we don't go outside, you know, for an hour a day to get or even 15 minutes, some days to get all the vitamin D we need. So these types of lights, they help this studio quality, but they're also beneficial in helping produce vitamin D. Bob, will you tell us about your light, and also what your glasses may be doing helping you with? 


Bob Linville 1:36 

Sure. Thank you for having me on. I appreciate it. It's a pleasure to see you. And you're doing a great job on your second podcast and said, I've never done a podcast before done little team meetings and stuff. But your light environment is something that you don't really think of you as far as when you come in indoors. But it's all about protecting your energy. And that's what the blue blockers are when I'm using the computer screens or phones. It really get a lot of mitochondria in your eyeballs, believe it or not. So protecting your energy is important. I've got one on my little computer screen here that I picked up, that kind of adds some extra red light. I've got night lights around the house. So when I get up in the middle of the night, go down downstairs to check on the dog or something. I've got the little red nightlight. 


Bob Linville 2:28 

So all those things will during the day, you get a little blue light in it's good for you. Yeah, you want to get that's why these blue blockers are not the orange or the red version, they're just a block. Some of the blue lights, you're not getting inundated with it. But it's something that you feel better for when I wear these because I go to work and I work under a lot of fluorescent lights, and I get in front of computer screens. So when I don't wear them, I'm usually dragging a little bit more. So I feel a lot better have more energy. And with a seven year old at home, that's important to bring the energy at the end of the day because she wants to run and go play. And that's important to me to be able to do that. So but as far as the lights go, I mean, I just picked up this new little portable light that I was earlier putting on my shoulder. I mean, I've got a big panel that I stand in front of I've had for like, I've had red lights for like five years. I'm 52 years young, but I've kind of you know, the ATP from standing in front of the light, the circulation, all the benefits of red light therapy.


Bob Linville 3:40 

So it's kind of just, you know, I haven't gotten too crazy, where I have light bulbs that have changed around the house because my wife goes, Wait a second, what are we doing here, but we do our best. Right? So that's all we can do is do the best that we can and you know, hopefully you know I see the difference. So it's just a matter of having the other people in my family go oh my god, I feel better when I'm you know, they're embracing it. 


Kayley 4:06 

Yeah, a lot of the key to health and wellness is the blood flow. I've learned that headaches can be helped by blood flow, circulation, nitric oxide production. A lot of people have troubles with their limbs when there's no optimal blood flow and that's something red light therapy really can help with and I think that's why people they heal faster from red light therapy, like wound healing, especially more than muscle part muscle healing. Myofascial healing that can a lot of that can be attributed to the lights effect on blood flow and it makes sense because ah I believe that a lot of things like like helps with like so red light with the blood cells, they're both red. And a lot of those things in food and in nutrition, it's the same two red foods help with the cardiovascular system. So it's interesting how deep and complex wellness and health can be with the molecular biology and bio biochemistry, but it can be so simple to is like, Oh, this is red, or this food is shaped kind of like a heart. So it'll help my heart and help with my blood. That's really interesting. 


Bob Linville 5:50 

No, I was just gonna say, you make a good point because we can definitely complicate it and get into the woo woo. And this study, and that study, and people goes right over people's head. So a lot of that times, I love to just try to break it down, make it simple. And then if people ask more questions, then you can get more involved. But the more keep it simple, red light helps with this, this, this, and this, and I feel great. You should try it and see how you feel. Right? So and that's people. The ones that want more or get more but so yeah, thanks again for having me on. I appreciate it. You know, I've kind of I'm 52 years young, as I say, and I say that I feel like I'm eating now. So the things I've been doing over the last five, six years, ever since I left this company that was a natural foods and organic grocery store that I was working for. I laughed, and then when I left, I started implementing some of the things that I should have been doing when I was there. And currently, I'm in back at Ralph's grocery company, in the meat and seafood side. But started off with a cup of coffee that we did it last one's called bulletproof. 


Bob Linville 7:02 

A lot of people started that, I mean, I just drink like, I never drink coffee in my whole life. And I had this cup of coffee, where it wasn't hungry anymore. It was crazy. And I started losing all this weight. And so then you start going down different rabbit holes, went to a Bulletproof Conference, reading a lot of books, and then suddenly, you know, you just get that's I eat sleep drink. I mean, I've got all these books here. And, you know, always looking to just to feel because I felt better at the time, right? So then as evolved and went down some different rabbit holes, I realized that I like protein and carbs together. I feel the best that way that I add a few pounds back. Yes. But you know, with keto, I was like, super, super lean.


Bob Linville 7:52 

My wife started saying hey, you know, you need to put more deodorant on, you got to smell you know, she was giving me all this funny stuff that in the end it sent me on this journey. I'm thankful for that cup of coffee with butter because I still have that cup of coffee. But I add a little sugar in and I add a few extra things. I mean, my coffee is like, like a chemistry kind of thing. I'll add different things in. I can't just have regular black and sugar, I want to level it up whether I'm putting raw milk in it, or colostrum or pine pollen, I mean, I'll add all those things and blend it in. And it's a fun way to get your brain going in the morning, and then you start your day. But that's kind of what led me down this path. And again, now it's kind of like a passion where I really want to continue to learn and listen to both sides. I mean, I don't think I think that's the beauty of it is that you can not everybody's right.


Bob Linville 8:49 

Not everybody has all the pieces of the puzzle together. But you start putting together the pieces for you that you feel great with. Because we all wake up and I'm ready to go conquer the day and everybody does that a little bit different. And so some people you know, we're all different, but that's kind of the I've never felt better. I mean, I said that when I was on bulletproof coffee, but then I realized it was a little bit stressful. Not really great on your liver doing ketosis and having that omad one meal a day program so yeah, I think keeping it simple. Get the movement going. Protect your lighting environment, eat as clean as you can. And don't stress out I mean, there's a lot of things you can get distracted by news and television and stuff that you know, I think that I pretty much have a good attitude and a positive anyhow. But I've come across people that I've shared those different things with and now they're doing some supplementation and they're feeling good.


Bob Linville 9:49 

So that's always I think that's the best part of it is being able to help other people and I'm not a doctor and I'm not doing anything but just hey, try this try that, and then see how the sun come back, and go, oh my God, that was awesome. Let me, you know, then they get a little bit everybody has to find their own way. Right? So that's kind of how I've gotten into it over the last six years and but I've been doing crazier stuff prior to that. I mean, as far as runnings, you know, exercising I worked in Malibu on the beach, I was down to like 190 pounds, super lean, but it wasn't sustainable to get out and run four or five, six miles every single day or go to the gym twice a day. I mean, that was kind of, so you have to find what works for you and find that balance. I think that's what I'm all about not beating myself up because I didn't go my four mile walk today, which I will do, but that type of thing. You gotta just, it's all about balance and doing the best you can.


Kayley 10:48 

Yeah, I definitely relate with your testimony. I was into keto and the bulletproof coffee. It helps me a lot at work. But it also made me feel very stressed out on edge, I would be more like upset with like, even though I had a boss who was a jerk at the time, it would bother me more. So like when people aren't acting right or acting like kindly towards me, I can definitely take you better now that my stress levels are reduced because I'm not going into ketosis all the time, or starting my day off in ketosis, I would start my day off, just making black coffee with butter and I would get so much mental work done because my job was very mental. I was a political consultant and lead designer at a graphic design consulting firm. And it was very stressful. And so it was a lot of mental work and the coffee, especially the bulletproof coffee, and all the adrenaline that would rush to my brain from that would help for a little while. 


Kayley 12:08 

But I would yeah, I get more stressed out by lunch and I was starting to crash by the afternoon and some of it like the coding for the websites would be so mind numbing by the end of the day, just because my energy levels with like spike, and then I crash. And sometimes people attribute that to coffee in general. But I don't think that's coffee in general. I think that's when you're drinking coffee black, especially on an empty stomach. You're not putting in like the protein like whether you're doing colostrum. I do collagen. I wouldn't like to do colostrum, some time. You're not adding in your cream or your sugar and that really balances that out it adds some calories to it. Which makes it really beneficial and I used to do calisthenics for an hour a day. And then I dropped down to about 78 pounds. I used to be very underweight very easily becoming a mom and getting married, my weight leveled out and I wasn't ever able to dip that low again but I was vegan at the time, and yeah doing so much working out that I crashed and I got adrenal fatigue so that's how I got into health was probably starting out like into working out veganism and then realizing that wasn't serving me. 


Kayley 13:35 

And I know some people feel great on that and maybe 10 years later they'll crash but for me, it took me about three months to crash from that completely being diagnosed with chronic fatigue, and then I really got into alternative health and like the rabbit hole of the keto diet, paleo. I didn't know what the difference between them at first but I knew they were all saying sugars bad. And so I didn't eat any refined sugar, maybe some, and pastries on a rare occasion like I never put like sugar in my coffee. I always look for sugar alternatives when I was personally baking something. So yeah, then I found out about basically like metabolic health and I feel like it was set free from that. And I helped some other people like I had a friend who is sick from a sugar free fast. And I told her just eat cookies and she was pregnant and her sickness went away like being nauseous all the time.


Kayley 14:39 

So this type of kind of biohacking wellness. That may be a little bit like controversial because we know a lot of wellness advocates, like totally demonize sugar, but it's been a really awesome and inspiring journey. Seeing some people totally just, they're feeling so so well they might not be like the most lean and fed. I know I've definitely gotten like some insulation you know, I'm not cold all the time and it's good to have some body fat even though it can be demonized, but I think having some body fat of course is wellness and it may not be sometimes people go all over the top and go into like what's the fat activist where they say you can be 500 pounds and be healthy? I'm not saying that but everyone should have some insulation that's where our fat soluble vitamins store and you know all that good stuff. Can you tell me more about speaking of stress and stress reduction and wellness? What is your protocol and recommendations for stress and wellness?


Bob Linville 16:08 

Okay, well, I think that foundational things that to reduce stress, I mean, if you're sleeping well, that's a key factor for like everything that you're doing. So I think that that's one of the foundational things that I've been focused on since, you know, pretty much day one. You know, things that you do prior to sleep, getting the red glasses on and before nighttime watching the TV trying to see the TV or if I'm watching TV, I don't watch really that much TV, but I'm just saying that in general, that gets your melatonin going to be able to sleep really well. But you know, I think that the people that you hang out with and the things that you listen to or watch your circle of friends, I mean, that could be stressful. I mean, I get on social media here and there, and I see some stories and no one okay, I'm gonna inquire and then I go, whoa, whoa, whoa, X. Because that you start to kind of get in a different mode of, do I really want to take this in and absorb it. 


Bob Linville 17:16 

But back to sleep, I think that is one of the, you know, getting a good night's sleep or waking up fresh in the morning, it can be a huge distress when you're able to, you know, last night, both me and my wife were off. So we had a nice day where we're able to, we went on our walk in the afternoon, she's like, can you turn the sauna or we both hit the sauna, and then I want the bath at night. So we got the magnesium, the revival bath going and she loves that and loves the smell of it. So we were able to do that. And then you know, we take her nighttime supplements, we get to bed at a good hour. And this morning, you know, she didn't sleep to well, kind of had a little insomnia and whatnot going on for a while, but she's sleeping that much better now. 


Bob Linville 18:13 

And she woke up somewhere. So I feel great, feel refreshed. So you know, just taking time for yourself. I think it's super important self care, we rush rush rush, she's like a total go, go go go go work, work work. So to get her to slow down. And you know, I go in the sauna five days a week. But to get her in there. It's rare, you know, to once or twice a month. So I love it when she's like I want to go in the sauna and I want to go take a bath. So those are things that to de stress. Some people will read a book or get outside. I mean, some places you can't get outside. But over here, you can still get outside barefoot, feet on the ground, soak in the sun a little bit that read a book. Those are all things that help you to stay tapped into nature and because the world we live in now with, you know, the phones and all this stuff, the digital age, that is stressful.


Bob Linville 19:09 

So take that in doses and be able to balance yourself get outside. Sleep well, what you're eating, I mean, the nutrition, the supplements, all that stuff will help you be more grounded and make good decisions really because I think that's what it comes down to. 


Kayley 19:30 

Yeah, it cut out for a little bit. I heard supplements. That's where I last heard. But that brought up the question what supplements do you take and why?


Bob Linville 19:43 

Okay, yeah, good question. I do for the day in the morning. I start off I have my Selajeet. He gets ready for carbon bonded minerals there because I think we're all mineral depleted. We don't have enough minerals from the food that we get. So we have to add the Selajeet in so I feel great with that. What else am I doing? I'm doing some vitamin C. Lately with what's going around. I've been ramping that up a little bit because I was under the weather a little bit and I've been extra vitamin C right now. Vitamin K, which is I haven't had to go to the dentist in a long time so I'm doing the vitamin K everything on the COF protocol is what I kind of follow. I've been feeling great with that for the last three years so at nighttime the magnesium at night been doing some probiotics and for digestive get a little bit of bloating here and there.


Bob Linville 20:48 

So I've been trying to work on that figure that out a little bit more but trying to think during the morning, what else take the beef liver and some oyster desiccated capsules to get what else there's a couple more things, but my wife, she's on the same thing a little bit less than what I take, my wife's cousin who lives with us, she's recently asked, so I've been kind of she feels great energy. So it's really cool when you try this out and you give them some supplements and they try it and they get a little more energized. And I just think it's supplements or, you know, I've kind of dabbled with taking different supplements in the past and nothing at all. I think you kind of cycled through them. Some of them were you stopped them for a while and then I don't feel as good. Let me get back on and then you know, but I think that it's just trying to gain the word balance so I love that word, trying to find the right happy balance where you're not taking like hundreds of capsules, but you're taking some just to kind of really provide your body with things that you don't get from food and to help you thrive and yeah, I think that's kind of where what I've been doing lately. 


Kayley 22:04 

Yeah, they can be really fun to experiment with. And that's what I like about the biohacking approach is experimenting with what works for you and trying, whether it's natural, like herbal remedies, or safe synthetics like methylene blue, and I remember seeing you making those methylene blue Coca Cola gummies one time, gotta try those some time. Need to stock up on her methylene blue especially for the winter months because it's such a good antiviral, but we have this and we drink this and I always feel so good when I have some of the kind with a real cane sugar. 


Bob Linville 23:01 

Yeah, I got that.


Kayley 23:02 



Bob Linville 23:06 

My methylene blue here. I was gonna have a blue tongue earlier and I'm like, I think it'd be alright. I don't want to get too crazy. Here's my first podcast. I don't want to people go what the heck, he's got yellow glasses and blue tongue. Right? So but I forgot to mention this vitamin E. I think that is the suppressed vitamin. Nobody talks about it. You go to the stores and it's on like the bottom shelf. My dad, three, two and a half years ago his head was full of lipo fuson he has his own little IG page that I have grandpa on the CLF but his head looked like a pepperoni pizza with everything on it. It was totally loaded up. So I started giving him vitamin E, a couple capsules of 2000 I use he was taking it every day he was starting to eat some really good foods that hooked up two eggs, buttermilk. And within a year's time, you should see his head now. Not like mine is perfect, but it's like everything went away all the age spots went away and I attribute that to vitamin E is something too. Obviously, it's good for your cardiovascular system. There's a bunch of benefits but for life of Houston specifically, my hands used to have a lot of dots all over them. Now I still got a few but that's another one of the things I forgot to mention that I take on the daily vitamin E for sure. So good to have that.


Kayley 24:35 

Yeah, I'm glad that has map from Mito life for our listeners. I'm glad he's made them the capsules smaller because I couldn't take them. It would hurt my stomach. But what I would do because I had a few bottles of it. I would puncture a hole in it and mix it with my magnesium lotion and rub it on my belly when I was pregnant, and I got a lot of round ligament pain, you know, belly stretching pain from the pregnancy, I got so much of that when I was first pregnant, and I would eat some dark chocolate and it would go away, or any kind of cramping. But for my second pregnancy, I had zero round ligament pain because I would put magnesium lotion on my belly every day. And I think that was my way of supplementing. I like a multifaceted approach to supplementing magnesium because there's so many different types of magnesium that I think it's good to take all the forms.


Kayley 25:49 

So I was getting magnesium chloride through the lotion, and then I was taking drops in my water. And I noticed on the days that if I went like three days without taking my magnesium, I would get leg cramps. But like I would immediately put on my magnesium lotion, and it would go away the leg cramps, and I wouldn't get them for two to three days. So I noticed when I was doing the lotion, I was basically getting my, like supplemental dose. So that was really interesting. And magnesium is really important. And one of the things that most people are deficient in what have you been doing for magnesium. And what do you think about it? How has it helped you?


Bob Linville 26:38 

Yeah, it's huge magnesium, it's something that what 42% of all our enzymatic processes require magnesium. That's a whole heck of a lot. So started off, we use the capsules at night, but I make my own bicarbonate. I've been doing that for three, four years, I'll add a little bit to the water throughout the day. So my wife takes her big water bottle and I always dunk a little bit and get a cloudy, my daughter who's seven, she gets some even my dog I put it in the water for the dog too. But back to the magnesium. So the bicarbonate during the day, the capsules at night. And then the bath socks obviously that's been a great way I do have this rule. It's called ease. But that's like the spray that you were talking about that once in a while I'm at the computer, I'll spray some of my arm rub it in, but we can't get enough magnesium. And I think that when I did my full Monty's a few months back for multi tests. And my magnesium was at a really good level, I think they wanted over six and I was at a 5.6, 6 being optimum at the top of the line. I attribute that to all three of those things. Bicarbonate within the water, the capsules, and then the baths, and I'm doing probably three, four times a night doing bath soaks I think is a great way. Not everybody can do all those. But more than you can, again, you add it in and see how you feel and because yeah, I would drink too much bicarbonate, and then you kind of go alright, your body tells you that you've taken a little bit too much. But you find that balance. And I was very pleased with my results with the magnesium. I think it's all three of those things going.


Kayley 28:27 

Yeah, my husband gets I think he's more prone to headaches because he's just more prone to stress right now. But one thing that's important for people who are like that, who are in this extra stressful, like period in their life, like especially adjusting to two kids or anything that may be stressing them out whether that's their job or whatever it is, I would definitely say the more magnesium the better unless you're going at those doses that it becomes a laxative, obviously not going that high, but I'm taking it in a balanced way to match up to what you need. And so his headaches stopped when he started supplementing with magnesium. So that was amazing. We try even pain relievers like we usually don't like to go for the acetaminophen and they didn't even work but magnesium works so it's such a miraculous or it's miraculous in this day and age that we're able to supplement it when it is so depleted from our soil which how did that all start, the depletion of magnesium and nutrients in our soil? Do you want to say something about that and do you know like, any ways that we can try to balance that and mitigate that?


Bob Linville 30:10 

Okay, I mean, I think the soil quality of our soil is, I'm not a scientist, and I've kind of gone down a few of those rabbit holes, but it's not great. And so the foods that are being grown in the ground, there's not a lot of nutrients, not a lot of anything in that. So it's depleted soils. So I haven't really gone in I mean there's different guys that are NPK fertilizers and different things that kind of messed up our soil if you will, that have caused that. But I kinda like to stay on the side of I listened to perspectives, and I'll take a few notes. I don't always agree with everything they're saying, and then I kind of, alright, let's implement let's try something. You know, I think that's kind of when they talk about biohackers are different. I mean, everybody just tries to, alright, let me that's kind of what I'm always doing, right? I see something or hear about something new. And I want to try something new. 


Bob Linville 31:17 

So, for instance, I did a genetic DNA tests recently and I was able to get supplementation that was catered to me based on my jeans, which is pretty amazing. And not that people might think it's a little rude, but you know, I'm prone to be overweight, I'm prone, I have got inflammation. So all these things that I'm up against, but the gut inflammation thing, like for instance, I just started adding, it's called resistance starch. I've never heard of that before am I grow resistant starch, but it helps with your gut inflammation and helps with a lot of different things. So I've been adding that into my cup of Joe like I had this morning with some of that, but you know, not to be off the channel. But in the end, we're all kinds of different and I did the DNA test to be able to, alright, let's look at this perspective. And let's get somebody that tells me that, hey, you're prone to this, it doesn't mean you're gonna have that. But these are the things I like about it is that I've got a list of a few extra new supplements like tumor X, what is it called [Inaudible 32:26], that for information that I've been starting to take, that's based for me, and that could potentially help me out. 


Bob Linville 32:33 

And I think that's what everybody needs is some kind of eventually, whether it's a blood test, or a DNA test to be able to get customized based on your genes. And then ultimately, how you feel is going to be the end, whether this worked, or this made me feel different or better. But yeah, as far as the magnesium, I agree that like you said, it's been a game changer for my family and us for sleeping. I mean, my wife every night goes, where's the magnesium, every night, every night? It's like because she knows that works for her. And you know, as far as the foods go, I mean, I read different things about oh, this one has a lot of magnesium, like I picked up some pumpkin seeds, and it's got like iron and think it has magnesium in and all this stuff. And I'm thinking, well, how much am I really getting, you know, taking a handful of pumpkin seeds? So you're absolutely in today's world, you have to supplement magnesium and a few other things to and I've really I mean, when I go back to Selajeet that I mentioned earlier, I've never felt more I mean, the whole protocol for CLF I've never felt more grounded, more focused. I'm less to anger. I mean, I'm more patients. I mean, I'm calm. People go on, you're really relaxed. The teacher at my daughter's school. She calls me Dad Hey, Dad, she goes, you're one of the most patient parents and relaxed and mellow that I've ever seen. You don't get angry and I took that as a compliment. But yeah, it's awesome. So that's, I love feeling that way. And because I know I used to be a little bit off the cuff be a little bit more get upset easily and I don't do that anymore. I'm really good at my skin. 


Kayley 34:25 

That's really interesting. You brought up supplementing with nuts. So that's something my family does too. You've probably heard of Brazil nuts. They're actually very high in selenium. So we only take one of them but they're also high in zinc too. But yeah, I like doing the Brazil nuts and the pumpkin seeds and doing a mixture of that and especially if they're salted, it can be really good for sleep for the people who wake up a lot getting the minerals before bed. Add sprinkling someone ice cream too can also really help with sleep. And yeah, speaking of sleep, we also do red light therapy just like you're doing, we do red light therapy before bed as our like sleep hygiene routine. And it really helps us and it gets us ready for the night. Especially to help offset the blue light of the screens. But we tend to do our blue light blocker on our phone that's like built in. And yeah, that's some of the things we do. Do you have a specific red light therapy company you like to go through? And do you have any like codes for that that you'd like to share?


Bob Linville 35:54 

Oh, thank you for that. I live [Inaudible]. [Inaudible] and my name Bob Linville. Saves you 10% At [Inaudible].com I believe it is. So I've got the big panel, the overclocked panel just picked up a small little panel, have the thing over my computer, I had the beacon light that I lent to my brother because he had a bad back he had some back surgery. So he know his wife's using it. So cuz she has a bad back. So I'm like because I was asked him, Hey, you're gonna give that back to me soon. He goes, I'm still using. Okay, so, but I like [Inaudible] for the red light. I've had other brands before. But I love the transparency of Andrew gamble read. He's got many different tests. I mean, he tests everything. He's a super smart guy, very transparent. I love that in a company that they're not going to hide. Here's my panel, and here's what it delivers.


Bob Linville 36:52 

So I trust that company very much. And the quality is really good. So yeah, red light. I use I mean, I turned mine on at night, my daughter usually turns it on, it added to the Christmas lights in the house this year when they come in through the window. But yeah, she loves to put it on, it's kind of it becomes a part of the program, you get it on and you get relaxed and it's good light too especially if show grabs like a phone or something to be looking at. And we keep it on the low settings and we had the iris in there as well. But getting the red light just kind of again helps the overall circadian rhythm so your you know, cuz you're looking at a bright light in the middle of the night you know, you're gonna wake up and your body thinks it's in mid noon when it's the middle of the night.


Bob Linville 37:39 

So it's important to do that. So yes, sleep is something that I guess I've kind of found something that I mean I take my mouse shirt, I've been doing that for three four years because that little ring on our finger that called the aura ring to get measures everything so I saw you know just little things like when I started taking magnesium that deep sleep would go up, molecular hydrogen at one point I was using a deep sleep on that so you just keep trying to level it up. And now taping helps me to get force I learned how to breathe in my nose because my nose was at something that I probably do really good during the day you kind of keep my mouth shut more breathe through my nose. You know when I go walking through the neighborhood to put some water in my mouth or even a piece of gum I won't chew the gum but I'll just kind of keep my mouth shut I think that's important but everything from a weighted blanket we've used before I haven't tried to lift my bed up at an angle, we have magnetic mattress pad we have blackout curtains, temperature low all the things that you can do to you know I've even slept in all silver clothing before just to kind of I did that for a couple of weeks on end to see might in the sleep actually improve so there is something to you know, you just keep trying different things and see what you can do every day that not going to be too crazy where I'm hanging off the ceiling or anything else you know, I mean, I think that you got to try to keep it where but we have a program at home pretty much stuff.


Kayley 39:12 

Cool, I based on what you were saying about the weighted blanket I was reading today about there's this product I saw called Dreamland waited like swaddle blankets or they can be sleep sacks for other babies who can't be swaddled anymore, but study they did clinical trials and so they're not like weighted blankets, where it's like loose but it's like a swaddle sack that you have to zip up beyond the clinical trials show that children slept better so I want to try one of them because there's good nights and bad nights with our one month old so anything to help biohack sleep is awesome because you're right, sleep is so foundational and it can make a big difference in my day. What if I can take a nap if I didn't get enough sleep the night before? I'm like, I just feel so much refreshed if I get good sleep so yeah, that's truly foundational. 


Kayley 40:12 

And for red light, we do therapy, but I totally think that there is benefits to do different types of lights for the gamba red you can put them wherever it stands up and it doesn't get too hot and it doesn't use as much energy. But with the infrared bulbs though, the ones that get hot that he also has its own benefit, but it uses more energy so I think it's good to use like a little bit of both. And depending on the situation like if you're working like at your computer desk or office the gamba read would be better but if you want to have a little sweat like what we like to do at the end of the day kind of struck sweat the stress out, sweat the toxins out, we like to do the terrible and sometimes we want to put it in like a small enclosed space like our bathroom and make it into a sauna. So we have the therapists job and I have a co to mine is Nouveau Elan and so that's good for our people who are listening who want to do the red light options I'm glad we can offer them codes for them to try for a little discount so how long have you been doing red light therapy for?


Bob Linville 41:43 

Actually, 2017 is when I picked up a Juve light at the Bulletproof Conference I actually got reel then, they reeled me in and they had a discount it was super expensive, but it was cheaper at the conference. And you know over time, I got to kind of see how the Juve light as far as their irradiance levels and how they advertise you know, one thing and it's different whatever but I'm not here to talk bad about anybody but I didn't have that light for four and a half five years recently got rid of it and I've got my gamma red overclocked panel which is similar a little bit bigger but been known for five years and I'd say that I mean, the ATP the energy standing in front of it. I mean, I get aches and pains like I got my shoulder pain going right now from because I've got a new pillow it's called pillow cube that's like a kind of aligns your spine better and trying different things because I sleep and then it does my shoulder on one side. I'm a side sleeper because I can sleep on my back a little bit better now that I take my mouth shut. I can breathe through my nose but before because I was a mouth breather. I wasn't sleeping that well. 


Bob Linville 43:05 

But now the five years with the red light it's not like it's addictive but it's just makes you feel relaxed. You get in front of it. I mean I'm in front of it every day pretty much yeah, so and I there's a ton of benefits, ton of studies and different things. And sometimes I don't go I'll just dabble in the rabbit hole a little bit. But in the end, I just know I feel better when I get in front of the red light and intuitively. But yeah, it does help out with circulation. I had at 14 I don't know I'm talking about this publicly but I had Ed which started eating better I got in front of the red light now. And you know, like I said, I feel like I'm 18 and I have a lot of energy and yeah, so I'm a big fan of red light and specifically, I love jumbo red makes great products. There's other companies that make great products too. So find something that works for you. Ask questions and go with your gut on when you're if you're ready to start off with something small. Something like this. This is a little small one I put over my shoulder, it's goes low EMF, no noise, no fans, and you can just put it right on there and I can work on the computer and go 10, 15 minutes right on my shoulder and I'm already starting to feel a little bit better. I've been using it for the last week.


Kayley 43:24 

So we've talked red light therapy for stress reduction and I guess we call it sleep hygiene. We've talked about supplementing, especially with magnesium. My protocol and my thing least protocol personally is usually a stress relief tea. We like to go with something like honey lavender or something we've been like so addicted to lately has been just simply chamomile tea with raw milk and honey. It tastes like I can't even describe it's just the like most buttery is sweetest just warming milky drink. Sometimes I make my own teas you might be able to see up there I make those for insomnia I have a deeper sleep blend. That's for like a stronger insomnia and one I recommend for like pregnant women because it doesn't have mugwort in it. Mugwort is an herb that helps induce vivid dreams but it can also be dangerous in high doses for pregnant women.


Kayley 45:58 

I also have an anxiety, it eases anxiety and that has passionflower and yeah, I also have an aphrodisiac which is a mild sedative and my tea blends just tastes so good and we feel so good when I drink them. And I feel amazing. I love working with herbs and stuff like that and customizing blends that will help people with a problem I sell those on my shop. And something else that we do for stress relief in sleep is bathing rituals. That's huge for us. We like to do as tech secret bentonite clay. Bentonite clay is really detoxifying and purifying to the body. And it's just something that we just put like a tablespoon of in our bath and I have felt it literally make my body pulsate when I put it in the bath and I tend to sweat extra so it's really amazing and detoxifying. Something else we like to do is bathing evolved bath soak when my husband first try that he got the best sleep he's had in his entire life. And that's like something he noticed immediately the next day because like your wife deals a bit with insomnia. And something else we like to do is the bathing involves bath bomb, and those they include a lot of the supplements that we've been talking about for biohacking wellness. Like they have vitamin C and magnesium. I wanted to ask you, how did you hear about bathing evolved?


Bob Linville 47:55 

I think you met Blackburn, he had posted something on one of his stories. Thanks William, David for this, and I'm like, Oh, check this out. So I did, I got some and I too had the same experience because the aura ring kind of tells everyday when you're looking at it, you get your score. And I had the deep sleep just went like almost 2 hours and 10 minutes or something crazy that I haven't had a long time and it was I know one thing I did differently was get in the bath so I'd love the ingredients on there as you mentioned, I mean they have the nice cinnamon in there. I don't have the ingredient list in front of me but it's super, super incredible ingredients. I love what they're doing. I'm excited to try the bath bomb yet I haven't I was telling my wife I said we got a bunch of revivals, but I said we got to add the bomb in and do the revival together for that and I think that goes around for like 20 minutes and the CO2 portion of it but usually what I do I mean I got a big bag of salts.


Bob Linville 49:02 

So I'll add a little of that I'll add some sodium bicarbonate get the water nice and full. And then I add in the revival at the end that smell is in all the ingredients there. So it makes a kind of like a chemist but that's like the cherry on top when I add that into the big bath because you know we both try to fit in our bathtub together sometimes if she was in there last night and I was just taking buckets of you know it's all about but I'm a fan I love it. I think that it's mean we go to get a massage. And we spend good money and you got to do it. So if you're going to you can go anybody can get any kind of bath salts and do their thing but the ingredients, it's well worth it to treat yourself. And, you know, once or twice a week we're doing the revival in the bathwater to treat yourself or take but I think that it's definitely something that we love we just had a bunch of friends we gave Christmas presents, we put baskets and we made with the revival salts in there. So everybody's gonna, we're telling them how great it was like, oh, we want to try it alright. Merry Christmas.


Kayley 50:16 

I had a family member who asked for the bathing evolved bath salts too for their Christmas gift and I I got that for them. And yeah, I'm just really excited to share the love, share the bathing evolved experience. And yeah see people's health and wellness, their well being how good they feel, how deep they can sleep that just the mineral balance, they noticed, I'm just excited to see that go through the roof and just have people feel so well and so good. But yeah, it's getting to that time that it's almost been an hour. So I just wanted to just have some final thoughts. Final things that you wanted to talk about things that help you with wellness, or any thoughts on bathing evolved, you wanted to talk about in the last couple of minutes?


Bob Linville 51:41 

Okay, well, sounds good. I appreciate you guys having me on today. It's a pleasure talking to you. And I think that everybody's on their own journey, and they're trying different things, and they're learning and, you know, what's worked for me is getting some structure together. And, you know, I mean, there's things that I get the supplements out the night before having ready to go same thing with either a meal, I think you have to kind of get that structure in so you can be disciplined to where you're, it's making it part of your program, right? So gotta take the excuses out, you know, we go walk in tonight, it's probably gonna be raining, but we're still getting the umbrella out, we're gonna walk three miles in the neighborhood. 


Bob Linville 52:30 

Anything you do in life, I think that if you get some structure behind it, you set some goals or what you want to, you know, we all have in our New Year's resolutions, right? But I think that everybody's on their own journey. And I mean, my wife at the beginning, when I started this, she thought I was nuts. You know, with red light, I brought a sauna home. And she's like, Oh, my God. But in time she started to see like, holy moly, or he's got all this energy, he feels great that I mean, I was on a different level. So she starts asking, and then I'm able to say, well, why don't, I didn't even ask her if she would try. She started asking, let me have a little of this or a little of that.


Bob Linville 53:14 

So you have to wait for because like, I see some people that I talked to and they go oh, my spouse doesn't want that nothing to do with it or whatever. And I could just do you take care of you. Number one, I think that's the most important message is. Find what works out for you. And you can reach out for help but focus on you, focus on your own self care, and people will start to be curious. And some are going to ask questions because they see what you're doing and how you're feeling and the results you're getting. And I don't push it on. No, I've learned I mean, I got little frustrated at the beginning because it's like my wife and I want to you know what, but you can't change everything overnight. 


Bob Linville 53:57 

But now we got a lot of red lights on in the house and we're doing different things. I mean, even my dog put Selajeet in her water with a little P 73 wild oregano oil, little magnesium. And so the dogs running around with energy, we're all running around with energy and that's what life's all about having that energy to be able to get out in the world and be a better person and make a difference and be that good person in life and feel great, right? And not trying to brag or anything like that, but people will start to ask you and you know I hand out more little samples of this or that more than you know, so but health is wealth. That is the key. So I think that's my message and again, I thank you very much for having me on. I appreciate it. 


Kayley 54:52 

Thank you so much for joining us. You are an awesome guest and there's so much more than we could say, I want to have you on another time some time, and maybe we could focus in a bit on CLF or biohacking for kids. I think that'd be really fun. We didn't get to get too much into that on this episode, but I'd definitely like to invite you back on for another podcast sometime. It was really fun having this conversation and I totally agree with you on just how well the CLF protocol people feel it makes me feel my family feel amazing, especially with the methylene blue Selaje to magnesium, bathing, detoxing, I'm not talking about the kind of detoxing with people with the green juice where they you know, go to the bathroom all the time, but the sweating aspect and the minerals that help us naturally detox and nourishing our liver. And what Matt's doing now in his vitamin C, the bamboo silica that that is so genius. So yeah, I love all that and am excited to have you on again as a guest. So thank you so much for your time today. And yeah, well we'll have you on again soon. Hope you have a great day Bob.


Bob Linville 56:27 

Take care yourself. Great talking to you. Have a great day yourself. Happy New Year.


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