The Bathing Evolved Podcast | Episode 1 - Interview with co-founders David and William

Introducing The Bathing Evolved Podcast with our host Kayley!

We are joined by two very talented and ingenious guests who are brothers and the founders of the amazing movement/company that is Bathing Evolved. In this episode, we talk about bathing, the founding of the company, the power of a home spa, how LUSH uses toxic ingredients, and where Bathing Evolved is headed in the near future. So put away any distractions and join us as we dive into a wellspring of knowledge in the Bathing Evolved Podcast!


Episode 1 Transcription:

Kayley 0:14 

Hi, welcome to the bathing evolved podcast. My name is Kaylee and we'll be having on the bathing of evolved CEOs and founders today. Their names are David and William will be talking about why they started this company talking a lot about bathing and other things. 


William 0:41 

.......... outside of bathing.


Kayley 0:44 

How much time do you spend bathing a day?


William 0:48 

10 hours I'd say. David, how about you? 


David 0:52 

I personally like 15 or maybe 16 a day.


Kayley 0:56 

Is it just for enjoyment? Are you testing your products?


David 1:01 

You know, a little bit of both.


William 1:03 

You just formulated a Red Bull bath bomb.


Kayley 1:06 

What is that?


David 1:11 

Well, yeah, we're experimenting with a caffeinated bath bomb. As an alternative to coffee, it's you know, it's kind of in the works. So it's hyper mineralized caffeinated has amino acids. It's quantum charged. And, yeah, we have a few things in the works at the moment.


William 1:35 

Bathing evolved in the Willy Wonka of bathing. Nothing is off limits, you know, whatever our imagination is with bathing is where what we try to do. So, I mean, right now we're trying to hire, we're looking for a chemist who can keep up with our research and development concepts. But basically, you know, anything goes we're really trying to transform and push bathing to the limits, you know. So that's where we came up with metta bathing. And that's one thing that we're really obsessed with, like the activity of bathing as a whole and deconstructing. And that's kind of like the next phase of bathing evolve to get meta bathing out there and get people met at bathing instead of just bathing.


Kayley 2:30 

What is meta bathing?


David 2:33 

So meta bathing is the idea that you know, people when they take a bath, they usually just focus on like the bath itself. So you think okay, I'm gonna go to bed bath and beyond or, God forbid you get lush and buy like a bath bomb. It's littered with like heavy metals and like paint from hell. But we're thinking, you know, life is a story, right? I mean, everything is a whole beginning, middle, and end. Right? So let's make the bath the beginning, middle, and end, let's make it a journey, your own little journey. So that is what meta bathing and there's meta bathing is the pre bath, the bath itself, and then the post bath. And the pre bath, for example, would be like a hydrating supplement, something that you would take to hydrate and also de stress like a sublingual GABA would be ideal. And then the bath itself, and then the post bath would be, you know, something to help you integrate the bath experience. So it's kind of in a nutshell.


William 3:40 

We're trying to transform at home wellness. So we don't want people to go to spa. I mean, if you have time, please do go to spas. But a lot of people don't have time. A lot of people don't want to spend a guest to go to a spa. It's crazy. So if you can deliver people at home spa experiences, you know, using their bathtub, hopefully, they have bathtubs, a lot of people don't but I mean, worst case, I guess you could take a foot soak, but utilizing the act of soaking as kind of the essential method of rejuvenating yourself, you know, a couple times a week that's really what we're trying to do.


Kayley 4:18 

Yeah, I notice I am much more decompressed when I have access to a bathtub. Josh and I are travelers. So we've lived in many different places in Europe before, different states in the United States. So we've had to live in different places. And some of those places a lot of those places surprisingly don't have bathtubs. We've lived in three places without bathtubs, and one of the places we are living at now does not so that's one thing we're looking in when we get our house and settled down in a few months, we are definitely, that's going to be on our radar because bathing has been a big part of my life my whole life, I think two of the things that well three because I would count being outside a lot and running, that would be one thing. 


Kayley 5:22 

But two of the main things, I think that kept me healthy and prevented me from accumulating a lot of diseases that we see a lot in like children and even young adults was rebounding with the trampoline and taking baths. So if I didn't have those, I think I would have accumulated those common childhood illnesses because I ate like crap. I took, you know, those flintstone vitamins which [Cross talk 05:55] essential, and especially with how many toxins we accumulate from the environment, from our food from the soil, we just need to really sweat those out, add our supplements to our bath to integrate in our wellness.


William 6:20 

Well, step one for bathing, like stop bathing and shit. You know, when you look at what people are actually consuming through their skin on a daily basis, especially women. You know the guys I know, especially myself, I don't really lather myself or my skin and anything at all, you know, but women, I mean, you know, nonstop. It's daily worn on their skin, they don't really know it. And then they wonder why infertility is such a big issue or PCOS or different immunological conditions where they're not able to have basic fertility or basic cognition, day to day work, and life. It's crazy.


Kayley 7:02 

Yeah, lush has parabens and parabens is the one thing that came to mind. I've been iffy about parabens because like there's different studies. But now there was a big study recently that showed the actual link between breast cancer or breast cancer being caused by parabens because people were like, oh, it's correlation, not causation. But now there is a new study showing the causation. So this is being reviewed by the official Council on Endocrinology at their summit. I think it's next year or whenever their next summit is. So this is really big. And I actually contacted lush many years ago, when I started getting into wellness. And I was asking about their parabens, and they're like, well, they're natural, but natural doesn't........


William 7:52 

Yeah, well, they're Earth, or they're created on Earth. I mean, what does that mean, you know?


Kayley 7:56 

So is aluminum. So is......


William 8:00 

So it's nuclear waste?


David 8:03 

Oh, another thing I mean, just add on to that, like natural flavors and food, right? Natural flavors could be MSG. It's literally a loophole. It could be 80% MSG and 20% filler. And they can just call it natural flavors.


William 8:21 

Yeah, 98% of processed foods at Whole Foods has natural flavors, or some has MSG in it. And we just don't....


David 8:29 

And how do you escape it? It's like it's insidious. You can't really run away completely. But it's good to be aware, right? It's good that you're aware of the parabens and you're in, you know, so you can avoid them.


Kayley 8:42 

Yeah, hopefully, this podcast will teach people like we just told people a bit about parabens. And so hopefully we can bring up more of those ingredients that are harmful to people's health. And people can learn more about that, the more they listen to this podcast, I think that's especially since bathing is central to this podcast, just going over the different rituals and steps that are in people's personal care routine that may be impacting their health hormones, fertility, etc.


William 9:18 

And that's what gets me when a person like online comments on luscious bath on like, oh, its so relaxing and colorful. Dude, the thing that was relaxing about a Lush bath bomb was the fact that you're like literally pumping yourself with ounces and ounces. Pumping your endocrine system with ounces of literal shit. And your body is just like tuning down its energy levels and you think that's relaxation. It's like, you know, it's bad. It's really bad. And if anybody from blush is looking for a job as a canvas, painting evolved, if you want a job, good for the world, if you want to create amazing experiences, contact [Inaudible 09:59] know where that recruiting phase.


Kayley 10:05 

The creativity of lush if they can just direct that energy towards something that doesn't have, you know? Then artificial colors and all that junk. 


William 10:19 

Oh yeah.


David 10:23 

It's kind of like Hershey's, you know, they recently came out with a certified organic chocolate.


Kayley 10:28 

We went to the Hershey's factory when we were visiting Pennsylvania. And I got a organic Reese's and I hadn't eaten Reese's in years because I started getting reactions to Reese's, the top of my mouth [Inaudible 10:43]. And I had to stop consuming things with corn syrup because I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, which is basically chronic bladder inflammation when I was 19 years old, and that was from drinking a lot of corn syrup drinks like soda. I was drinking like 40 ounces a day and lots of coffee. 


William 11:08 

Did you get your soda from 7/11? 


Kayley 11:12 

Yeah. Well, for a while I was going to........


Kayley 11:29 

Yeah, yeah, I kind of have corn syrup for a long time. And I still do I maybe have like a corn syrup soda. Like once a year. I like soda only with real cane sugar......


William 11:43 

Well, you know, corn syrup is illegal in Canada. It's crazy. It's illegal. It's literally illegal. I'm not even kidding you. Like, yeah, it's illegal in all these places. Like they actually, you know, I don't want to say they care about the population there but they're not maliciously trying to destroy you from inside out. It's crazy, you know?


Kayley 12:05 

But yeah, and it comes from GMO corn. I'm sure that corn syrup from non GMO from organic corn is not the worst, but it still has a lot of fructose that it's really hard for our liver to process. So unless you're gonna go like run a marathon or something in your liver can burn.


David 12:29 

Or you can have 40 bananas a day. Do you know DurianRider? Durianrider he's a popular fruitarian but he promotes like eating a lot of carbs and like...... Yeah, he's really intense.


Kayley 12:49 

You can make it as a vegan or fruitarian if you're just like, bloating because otherwise, I remember like the protein I'd eat from veganism, it did nothing for me and I can really absorb it and your body can to an extent make protein from carbs. So I could see carb loading being the better way to do veganism. But yeah, I can't imagine what your livers gonna be like after years and years of carb loading.


David 13:22 

Oh, yeah. 


William 13:22 

Your liver just turns into wood. 


David 13:27 

Will and I actually we used to be raw vegans maybe.


William 13:30 

Raw vegan festival in 2009. 


David 13:34 

Oh, yeah. I mean, we were like we were very, we actually gonna tell you about Matt Blackburn because, at the time, he was working at a raw vegan restaurant. And, you know, this was in San Diego at the time, and we.....


William 13:50 

No, specifically, what was that Senator called again?


David 13:56 

Liberty station. 


William 13:57 

Liberty station. Yeah, here's we're gonna ask Ron vegan restaurant.


David 14:00 

It was so random. Like, okay, let's go get a raw salad. Okay, then we meet Matt and we start talking about I think Dr. Robert Kozar. Do you know him, Kaylee?


Kayley 14:12 

No, we don't.


David 14:12 

He's cool. He's like, he's pretty he's definitely I think now he's a carnivore, but he used to be like more of an energy vegan like more into eating energy, and like different frequencies.


William 14:26 

Different colored liquids like....


David 14:30 

Anywho long story short, we used to be raw vegan, we actually for a little bit were fruitarians. So we went to the 2009 ROS spirit festival.


William 14:43 

In Santa Barbara.


David 14:44 

In Santa Barbara and all the legends were there like David Wolfe, like Gabrielle cousins, all the raw vegan legends. Does anyone like a cow? Do you know how good it is for you? Goji berries anyone? 


William 15:09 

Where were super Goji girl?


David 15:12 

Yeah, super Goji girl. But anyways, I guess the moral of the story was, we would walk. I mean, we were like really dedicated to the raw vegan movement, we were like, we wouldn't cheat. We wouldn't eat cooked food, even behind closed doors. But we walked around the festival, we would notice, like maybe 3 out of 10 people had teeth issues, three out of 10, like, maybe one out of 10 were toothless, like straight up like missing teeth. And, you know, at the time, I was having teeth issues as well, because I drank a lot of citrus and it took all my enamel. But that was kind of like the first wake up call. 


Kayley 15:54 

Are you also one of those people who didn't really believe in like, using, like standard dental hygiene, like I see that a lot in the more alternative health community like, oh, you don't need toothpaste or even the brush team. And I mean, they have a point that in the weston price studies or indigenous tribes don't do western dental hygiene, but they're also eating completely local. So there is an impact on our dental health by eating processed foods or eating even internationally. It's really interesting. But that impacted your dental health too?


David 16:47 

I mean, definitely, like, I mean, dental wise I think for me, I mean, I still brush my teeth every day. I know like a lot of maybe some people in that world were like, oh, forget, you don't even need to do that. Just you know, eat an apple, the apple fiber will clean your teeth. There's certain things like fruit and vegetable fiber will clean your teeth. Like you don't have to brush, you can just have a piece of celery or used celery [Inaudible 17:20] but I didn't brush.


William 17:21 

Hey, I got this big meeting. Give me some celery. Give me a celery stalk. This guy's like whole period like scraping his team and seller. [Loughing]


David 18:03 

But you know, like, I did, I just switched to like a healthier toothpaste. You know, like put all the garbage and fluoride and all that. But now that I think of it, I should try the celery method and ditched by toothbrushes.


William 18:22 

Being a raw vegan was such a nightmare socially. There was like one raw vegan restaurant left after the raw vegan economic collapse. Nobody wanted to eat it. So there was only one restaurant left in San Diego County. It was this restaurant. I think it's still there. It's called the what's it called, David? It's [Inaudible 18:38] restaurant. It's an Encinitas. I don't want to say stupid. They're cool, guys. Remember that one, we would always drive up like 30 miles away from Ohaya. But they had like these like raw vegan like burgers. Like they're like, Yeah, tastes exactly like McDonald's classic hamburger. Like we're eating this, like depressed in this corner and it started to rain. And I'm like, Man, this sucks. And our stomachs were still [Inaudible 19:09] you know, like, we still had like, I had horrible digestion issues from like, eating raw vegans it's crazy, like, so. I'm gonna teach her.......


David 19:28 

Yeah, I mean, you know, this podcast is about bathing, let's talk about the bathing skin benefits. And then also the microbiome skin benefits, right? Because I've been really looking into the microbiome, gut microbiome and you know, raw vegetables and fruits do play a major role in that. So I want to get your thoughts on that. Kaylee, what's your take on like the gut microbiome? Have you looked into that lately?


Kayley 20:01 

Yeah, I remember for school, I had to read 20 page paper about how we are technically super bacteria because we're just composed of a lot of bacteria. Oh, I think that's like the conclusion that Joe Rogan came to. He said when he was on DMT, I completely agree that because we're comprised of bacteria that makes us bacteria. But that just shows the point of how impactful our bacteria is, I think I heard from Well that every two weeks, our bacteria is circulated or renewed, so we can really reverse our body and symptoms and how it's feeling or for the worse, and especially in a matter of two weeks. I think one thing I wanted to bring up about the microbiome is, there is a probiotic [Inaudible 21:15] have you heard of that? 


William 21:15 



Kayley 21:18 

It's something that most of us are missing, I think 90%, at least are deficient in or don't have it at all. And everyone in the 1950s had that. So and we're seeing diseases, the 1950s rise. And that's a lot of factors and we know that the seed oils and the pesticides that literally kill off our bacteria, because they're killing off the life of the bugs and the life of the plants, so, therefore, our bacteria. So that's having a major impact on our health. And I just wanted to hear what you thought about the microbiome and bathing specifically with eating......


William 22:08 

Our session would be to figure out how to make a bath bomb that replenish skin micro flora, that would be amazing. Because that was even possible. I don't even know if it could, I know, there's different traces or different strands of bacteria that are resistant to heat. David and I were doing a lot of research on that. But if you can make a skin of flora, replenishing bath bomb, or a bath soda that would be fantastic for so many people that suffer from chronic skin issues.


Kayley 22:41 

You know, that's spore based bacteria is heat resistant, so it doesn't be refrigerated and it also has a 99% absorption rate. 


David 22:56 

It's crazy how complex like the skin microbiome is, you know like we have a gut microbiome, we actually have the brain microbiome, I think the heart has a microbiome. But the skin actually different parts of the skin have different bacteria. So for example, like the drier parts of your skin, like your arms and legs have a certain type of bacteria and like other areas that aren't too visible, you know what I mean? Have different bacteria. So it's complex, it's hard to do a one size fits all approach. So yeah, that's fascinating, the spore based bacteria.


Kayley 23:45 

I think it comes from fungi. And we're learning a lot about how important fungi is to our health and certain types are good for immunity. Certain types are good for cerebral function. So that's complex too. And when I had the L routeri it came in chewable tablets, so that didn't have to be refrigerated either. So that might be something go on the skin. I know Pacifica they are a skincare brand I really like their vegan cruelty free, not that vegans like one of the things that has to you know that I need because I also like animal like beef tallow skincare, but I do like cruelty free not testing on animals, and their products just smell really good too. And they're healthy and they have a probiotic facewash so maybe finding out what kind of strains they use because you know, that works on the skin, or maybe it doesn't, because not every product that just cuts on launches a product line doesn't mean exactly that it works. So you're in the testing and trial stage for a lot of the new products that are launching. So that'll be really fun to not just get past that experimenting with gasoline in the bathtub stage.


William 25:33 

Our family is in the gas business, so we have access to the gas. 


Kayley 25:38 

Oh, wow.


William 25:40 

Yeah, we actually grew up in the retail gasoline fueling business and repair shops. Actually, we just installed hydrogen fuel in each one. So that's been really interesting. So it's like, it's pretty cool. Hydrogen fuel is kind of an interesting alternative source because it mimics like, the retail distribution of gasoline. So, but I don't know, I think a lot of these scam too because the military would use these alternative sources. They're not reliable. You know?


David 26:23 

Well, yeah, California, I think Gavin Newsom or somebody set the goal by 2035. They want to end the production of gas vehicles. Scary, right? Okay, we're going to be all electric.


Kayley 26:43 

And they control the power grid. So that's pretty sketchy. 


William 26:47 

You know, there was this one Tesla in a during a heatwave in Texas, that was telling the owner to not use the car because it's not the optimal hours to use it. So that's a little preview for 2028 or whatever.


David 27:02 

The car was telling the guy not to drive?


William 27:03 

The car was like, this is not optimal time to drive. Like you can't use it. Like what the fuck, you just pretty much kind of use this car because it wasn't an optimal time to use the car. So they're probably testing that on people to see if they really get angry about it. Because if they're not going to be angry now they're not going to be angry six years from now. That's probably the future we have to brace for.


Kayley 27:33 

That's true. Back to the bathing in or testing with gasoline. Because you guys mentioned that earlier. Was that testing for a bathing evolved product?


David 27:49 

Well, it's gonna be hard to get that one approved. The first world's first gasoline bath bomb. But you know what scary? Okay, okay, here's actually this was a thought experiment that really inspired us to put the amino acids in the bath salts. Would you bathe in a tub with gasoline? Like maybe a tablespoon.


Kayley 28:14 

Yeah, I probably wouldn't be too scared of a tablespoon. It would be why is there a tablespoon but go on.


David 28:28 

But isn't, it's a scary thought. Right? Because we know that it's gonna get into us somehow. Right? We think like okay, I'm in a bathtub with gasoline. And we figured okay. It goes the other way too.


William 28:41 

Yeah, modern science kind of teaches those that our suit or skin is like a rubber suit. [Inaudible 28:49] anything in its path. Yeah, that's like the dermal like theory, right? But they only give you that theory because they don't want to confront the fact that so many products out there are getting in to our lymphatic systems, our body through our skin. Our skin has billions and billions of like, mouths that are breathing the stiff in and out every day. That's why the most dangerous the most torturous form of killing someone is tar and feather. I mean, it's the worst. Because it's like they're drowning a billion times versus just once. You know what I mean? 


William 29:24 

So your skin is a living thing that soaks up, whatever you put them up, you know, so that really was the motivation and plus I mean, you look at transdermal nutrition, you know, there's a lot of products out there that are doing such a great job. So like maybe good quality nicotine patches or you know, B vitamin patches, whatever it is, your skin is a source for applicable in nutrition.


Kayley 29:56 

Yeah, I get more frightened by accumulation. Sometimes I feel like the dermatological world has kind of a leaf, brainwash people into thinking, Oh, your skin is not absorbing anything. And it's super, it's like such a good layer. And, you know, toxins can't really get penetrated in there. I've heard dermatologists say this. And they say that people who are scared of certain chemicals are just they are like you just don't understand how good your skin is, and how protective of a layer it is. And that kind of goes to show that the mainstream is really getting into our heads. And we're not really realizing how impactful everyday products can be. I have always been more like, okay, one time exposure, you know, that can even be very harmful though because there's people [Inaudible 31:19] one time event that was really big, like, let's say, an explosion or a house fire, and they have lifelong effects from breathing in that smoke. And but a lot of what we're facing today is more accumulation from doing the same thing every day and small culture.


William 31:42 

Well, it reminds me the story from Monsanto, there's this document anti Monsanto documentary where a guy is sitting down to their cheap lawyer. And he's sitting with a cup of Monsanto round up. And then he's like, the lawyer is telling him. Oh, it's 100% safe. It's 100% safe. And the guy's like if I paid you $1,000 right now, would you drink it? Oh, this is 100% safe. He's like, are you fucking crazy? Do you think of stupid? That's exactly what it is. Like this is just lip service. Like when cosmetic companies are saying your skin is completely impenetrable from like, deeper exposure to these things, when in fact, we do know that the average woman in just what like 200 pounds of makeup throughout their lifetime that passes through them. It's crazy.


David 32:27 

You know what it is? It's death by 1000 cuts, right? 1000 little cuts. And then what's scary is there's like actually ancient Taoist wise saying that, you know, a drop of water persistently dropped on rock will put a hole in the stone, like, water drops can penetrate stone and break it. So scary like the little micro doses round up that just keep adding up.


Kayley 32:55 

Yeah, I get worried with seeing all the pesticide residue in my neighborhood, they spray just about every week and you see all these like blue or yellow spots, whatever color the pesticide is that week. And it makes me not really want to walk around in that part of my neighborhood. And it sucks in Arizona that it's really a lot of development. There's not much nature. Like I can't go forest bathing and to breathe in like the fresh air. So yeah, Arizona has got some work to do. But it is rated the number one most polluted, it was a few years ago 2015. I don't know if it changed, but it was the number one most polluted. Phoenix was number one in the United States. And so that was one reason we moved. Tell me how can we get more oxygen and oxygen utilization from bathing evolved products?


William 34:07 

Well, David, talk about the great conversation you had with Matt. It wasn't a month ago. You guys were at sushi in San Diego. And you guys have cool brainstorm.


David 34:17 

So the key to that with bathing is actually absorbing CO2. And, you know, we have been anti citric acid from day one. But here's the thing, when you take citric acid, which might not be ideal, but when you mix it with baking soda, it turns into a third thing. And you throw that in water and you get CO2 and CO2 will literally flood your bloodstream with oxygen. And I mean if you look up the benefits of CO2 bathing. For example, people with diabetic feet where their feet are literally rotting off, they were able to foot soaks, like regenerate pretty quickly within a few like I think a few months, they're able to like rebuild their feet. And yeah, CO2 is a game changer in bathing. Where we want to go with bathing involved is next the CO2 element with the mineralizing because a lot of Bath Bombs can't pull the minerals, I mean, it's just hard to incorporate a dense in mineral dose. So we're thinking the one two punches a mineralized bath powder with the CO2 bath bomb after that to really get the completed spirits.


William 35:49 

Because Kayley, there's never been no one's ever advocated for first soaking in, let's say a magnesium heavy mineral bath. No one's ever really mixed the CO2 to that it's always one. There are two different ways of thinking about bathing, there's the CO2 approach and using those products are completely Alien to like the hyper mineralized bath, like they're never combined. The only place you ever find those things combined isn't an actual mineralized hot like spring, where you have all the minerals, you have all the carbonation, it's like the perfect combination. But no one's ever done that at home, a ........... actually consciously like putting a very highly dense mineral solution in their bath and doing a CO2, you know, bath bomb or whatever after it but I've never seen it. We've never seen it.


David 36:43 

That's the genius of nature, right? So there's the natural CO2 carbonation in spring plus the minerals. But the CO2 is actually how that diabetic foot healed was the increase in circulation. And you combine both worlds, right? You get like the dense magnesium, dead sea salts minerals, and all the other stuff in our formula plus the CO2 to increase the surface, skin circulation. I think it's the best of all worlds.


William 37:15 

But once you say the carbonation is activating these minerals, I mean, it's turning it into an ionic form.


David 37:21 

That's what's interesting, you know, like magnesium bicarbonate Kayley familiar with that, like you can make your own magnesium.


Kayley 37:28 

Yeah, I hear it's the most readily absorbed magnesium.


David 37:34 

Yeah, it's interesting. So we're thinking, mixing co2 in a bath with a bunch of minerals, I think should have a powerful effect.


William 37:46 

Extremely powerful thing, it has to. I mix it with gasoline again.


David 37:52 

Yeah, no gasoline.


Kayley 37:54 

No gasoline, not even one time.


William 37:57 

Not even one drop at all. 


Kayley 38:00 

Yeah, whatever can imitate a hot spring is wow, that's just magical. One of the best experiences I've had was just driving through the Rocky Mountains. And there was a hot spring that was just 8th of a mile hike off the road. And it was relatively small, like the size of a big hot tub. And it had mud. So I was putting mud on my face and just like that's natural spa experience. And yeah, if I could bring that into my own home when I have my house with the bathtub. Oh, that'd be just so wonderful magical.


William 38:47 

If that's ........ was doing that last month. He found a spring too but some creepy ranger was staring at him in the corner.


David 38:55 

Yeah, I mean, that's comes with the territory, right? Like the rangers or the gatekeepers to the natural world. So creepy. Yeah, I didn't really feel like bathing in front of a creepy Ranger. So I just got in my car and left.


Kayley 39:11 the national park system is like, limiting what we can do. And in some good ways, but in also some bad ways. Like they have all this land that can be used for yeah, I get it not wanting like big urban development, right? But not even having like a little small town or something there because you can go over an hour or two hours in Arizona without seeing a single restroom. And I've had a really hard time on those roads before just waiting for the next town that's hours away. And then Utah it's four hours without any gas stations. So it's with that just creepy Ranger just reminded us of like oh the National Park System is that really 100% necessary?


David 40:22 

Imagine that like guarded all the restaurants too and like you know on the road.


William 40:31 

Like crammed a grizzly bear.[Cross talk 10:33] So taxpayer money should be spent dammit cramming grizzly bears in every woman's bathroom.


David 40:45 

Cramming grizzly bears in the national springs.


Kayley 40:49 

.......... Rangers. Speaking out Josh, I wanted to bring up that he was bathing evolves first customer. 


William 41:00 

Yeah, I know.


David 41:04 

He was customer number one. And it was, you know.


William 41:12 

And he is the best piece of content ever produced for bathing. Well, that includes the commercials that we spent a ton of money doing when Josh went to the bed bath, and beyond. And I think he just flipped off a bunch of bath bombs or something was like, yeah, Josh is gonna work with me one day like that's my goal more than like anything else to work with them. So it was awesome. 


David 41:37 

Yeah, that looks amazing. 


Kayley 41:44 

So real. He's so blunt. And just telling people how it is. And for anyone listening who doesn't know Josh is my husband. And we found bathing evolved from Matt Blackburn. And we are so passionate about bathing. Because when Josh or anyone sick, or like when I'm giving birth, bathing is our go to. So just baths are so relaxing.


William 42:18 

And we should make a birth bomb. That'll be badass. Birth bomb. We're gonna have Kaylee formulate that everyone.


Kayley 42:26 

..... herbs with like healing earth that will heal the skin....


William 42:34 

Whoa. But the actual birth bomb while you're giving birth and just throw it into the water. And the baby's coughing it's like.....


Kayley 42:46 

And yeah, it makes it a little a few seconds to like start breathing and stuff after. So it wouldn't catch your swallow any of that. That was something I was scared about with waterbirth like, are they gonna like choke on water? No, they take a few minutes or not minutes, a few seconds to like.


William 43:09 

Because there's so connected to the umbilical cord. They're still breathing through that. Like a scuba suit.


Kayley 43:18 

It does the job of the lungs. 


William 43:21 

What a miracle you think about it's crazy. 


Kayley 43:25 

Yeah, it does the job of the heart to it does the job of most of the organ. Organs don't have to work as hard. 


William 43:37 

We're taught by TV to think of you cisgendered women as a, I don't want to go too deep into it. But basically giving birth is a miracle when you think of us. I think society can cherish a little bit more. 


Kayley 43:59 

If I see anything on TV or like a movie that depicts birth in like a, like traumatic is normal way, like screaming out of my lungs high pitched like I didn't even do that when I was giving birth.


William 44:16 

The 1950s Dad outside smoking cigarettes like.


Kayley 44:21 

Yeah, no birth partner involved, it's so important for the spouse to be involved. But yeah, I will skip that. 


William 44:31 

You're gonna have to leave, you're gonna have to leave. 


Kayley 44:38 

That's why I won't give birth in a hospital because they're actually separating women and their birth partners due to COVID. I don't know if they're still doing that. But they were doing that in Pennsylvania when we were living there. I think if they found out someone had COVID. So I'm not 100% sure but I know in certain states it was like, I think New York even if you didn't have COVID you couldn't have a your birth partner there. So yeah, never give birth in the hospital unless it's so extreme.


William 45:16 

You see Josh's head outside a window just looking in like close the window.


Kayley 45:26 

.......... like some type of real, where it was the dad looking outside the window just watching his wife in labor, and he couldn't be there. Speaking of COVID locked down and asked about your story and the COVID locked down.....


William 45:52 

Good question. How do you answer? 


David 45:58 

I think for me, March and April, were the most bonkers, you know, like,


Kayley 46:04 

The toilet paper and stuff. 


David 46:06 

Yeah. All that the toilet paper, the food shortages. Yeah, just the whole shell shock of it. And actually, you know, for this company, it was a blessing in disguise, because Well and I actually kind of like, got more into bathing, because we were at home so much more than usual. So we were experimenting, like, hey, well what if we mix the amino acids, magnesium, and dead sea salt, but we throw in vitamin C or thrown B vitamins? And we just kind of went crazy and just like did all these like experimental baths. And it got to a point where like, holy shit, we feel pretty damn, like invincible, we feel like we just meditated for like an hour after this bath. You know, maybe this could help people, maybe this could be a better recovery experience. And I don't know, whatever is out there. So it was like the gestation of bathing involved.


William 47:06 

I think COVID for me was a accumulation of how deeply powerful the media can be on people, you know. And the truth is, I think you're gonna manifest what you are internally. But if you're a deeply fearful and regretful person, you're going to attract using news as your main way of understanding the world and outside, you know, you're going to use news as your main compass for reality. And I think that's what a lot of people realized, and either had to evolve from, or they fucking died with it, you know, because there's no way around it to negative to continue after that, you have to either like, look into best, like, you have to evolve from that or just succumb to it, you know, unfortunately. So I think a lot of that whole phase, that period definitely helped me evolve to forcing myself to look at the best in people. And to realize that most of my ideas were gone going to happen with amazing people, by my side instead of like, just doing things on my own. And like, you know, having this very lone wolf mindset, which I was grown up to think like, because in Persian cultures, they're very, like, independent, and a lot of times untrusting of other people. What was that?


Kayley 48:48 

This sigma grind set.


William 48:50 

Yeah, the sigma bullshit grind set, right? But the sigma grind set that keeps you poor, keeps you like, mentally fucked. And it's like, you know, it's like, we were talking David and I were talking about, you know, this podcast and bringing you on board. Like, it's so much more fun like with you here like hosting it. Because we're like before, like, yeah, we get to do this podcast and you know grind it out and this and that, but talking to you and knowing that it's a passion of yours, listening to podcasts and talking about these things, and it's a lot more fun to have you on board and making something bigger than everybody wins with versus just like be grinding it alone like five o'clock talk to man, and six o'clock I'm gonna test the bath bombs. It's seven o'clock. It's like shit, you know, you have no life. Like, you're not really growing anything. You're just like a sigma grind set. You know, I guess you could brag to people about how hard you work. Even that gets old, you know, but my dad he's kind of like that. Like, I do everything. I did that and he likes bragging about that, but I guess, I come to realize that I don't even care about bragging about that kind of shit. Like, I don't need to brag about doing everything on my own, it's like, it's crazy.


Kayley 50:10 

........ I could have helped you. And then, you know, it's not good to be like helpless or like a part of healing is immaturity is accepting help and even asking for help.


William 50:30 

I want to say it is. A lot of like, even wealth, you know, like people that are successful, like our friend Matt like he's really become a successful person and he's not afraid of asking for help. Whereas with me like, can't let people know I need help. It's like, I've had to evolve to be okay with that, you know, it's not easy, you know, but he's always been like someone that just like, shrug the shoulders like, yeah, you guys know more than me here and there. And that allowed him to just do the best he could where he really thrives, which is creating awesome content and connecting with people digitally, which is hard for a lot of people to do. He fucking thrives at that, you know, but maybe he doesn't thrive it like programming a Shopify store, you know like he has someone for that, who's into it. But like for me, I'd be like, well, I have to figure out Shopify, and I have to do this, and I have to get my MBA, and we might have these done, then I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna, like, dude you know, but it's the sigma grind set, right? And that with bathing evolve, we're trying to like, have you shut up and soak and turn off the sigma Christ, you know, none of that it's not going to help the world like you bragging about doing shit on your own and grinding through and like, being a fucking terror for everyone at your workplace and being a bad husband being a bad father, because you're coming home angry and like, pissed off all the time. It's like come on dude.


Kayley 51:59 

Now I just ask for help. There's a good tech talk on the power of asking. So I would recommend that for anyone who has a hard time asking for help or for anything they need. The people I know who are the worst, like the people. And I'm not going to blame postpartum depression on just like, people who like have isolation, I can do everything myself antisocial attitude, but I've seen people who have that, and it rolled over into their motherhood, and it's just destroyed them and they haven't been able to recover because they don't value community and communication.


William 52:39 

No, or they don't value it until they're, like, lopsided in every way mentally, physically, spiritually, and then they over depend on community, they over depend on welfare, they over depend, because they're just like, broken down spiritually instead of having like a balance with it, you know, having a balance with like people interpersonally you know, and I think if people just like, kind of let go a little bit of their, like material possession goals, like, I want to be a millionaire one day, like, let go of that and just ask yourself, like, hey, maybe you want to hang out with people that make you feel like a million dollars or inspire you to do million dollar things. You'd be way fucking happier. Because you can have a million dollars in the bank and have the worst fucking wife, the worst kids, debtors after you like people try to kill you. It's like crazy, right? So our quality of life is really affected by the people that were around.


Kayley 53:37 

Yeah, bathing evolved there is a community. 


William 53:41 

It is a community and it's really about collaboration. And it's about not having an ego like I would credit you with the bathing. The bathing, bath bomb. That was cool. You know? It's like, it's a community thing. It took that conversation with you. I mean, David and I aren't talking about pregnancy and birth, you know, at happy hour in San Diego. You know, we're talking about other things.


David 54:10 

Community is everything, you know, and it ties back to like ancient Rome, it was a communal thing, it wasn't like about like how we you know, as bathhouses today, it was about it was more of a social event. It was more of like a social club. And like people of all walks like the poorest. Even the Emperor, I guess, would make an appearance every now and then. So bathing really is about community and you know, having your own personal oasis. I think that's really the goal, what we're trying to do here, we're trying to give people the most bang for their buck on the physical, mental and spiritual level. You know, that's our mission.


Kayley 54:57 

I love that and I like what you said about personal oasis. And that's going to be in every bathing evolved users, own personal bathroom or bath area wherever they bathe. But also, we've talked about this before but a big idea for Josh and I, and we've talked about this with William to, was to have like, open a type of community, like not just like a spa, but there's also like, a place where people can have like, most local, organic, you know, like craft drinks, whether that's not alcoholic or alcoholic, but everything's like a healing drink. And it adds to the experience and he will mentioned float spas with the bathing evolved.


William 55:53 

That's giant pool, a giant pool with the bathing evolve solution, it's kind of cool.


William 55:58 

Exactly like a spring that's been turned into a resort like that's where they get reminds me of, I'm not saying start a resort. Of course, there can be like a few rooms that people if they want to stay for like a retreat or for a weekend or something, but just something like that, like a personal oasis in a building or on some land. So [Inaudible 55:58] is doing with his community idea, oh, let's start the Citadel. But my idea wasn't to start a new civilization but to have, I've been wanting to start a retreat center for a long time. But I'd want it not just to be for retreats, but for people to come every day and get some healthy food and just have a few like local seasonal things on the menu and just people who want to cook, just come work. And that's a big long term goal. So I wanted to ask another aspect of your story, the amino acid infused patent.


William 57:16 

Well, I mean, we're the first ones that created that blend, you know, so we feel that how the patent pending works is, we have 12 months to test the economic viability of it because it's a way of living leveling the playing field with bigger corporations because the actual utility patent process costs a lot of money. So basically, you're saving the idea for a year and testing it out, until you actually want to make like the decision like with $30,000, or whatever it costs to actually go and get a utility patent for it. And utility patents, usually lat or it's 18 year protection, once you get awarded that utility patent, but the price of doing a super expensive for smaller entrepreneurs. But we just wanted to have some recourse, you know, we don't want everybody to like just be able to do the same thing we're doing, right? We're gonna have some protection and some novelty to it.


David 58:10 

But in a nutshell, in a nutshell, we use micronized essential amino acids, and the proteins are small enough. So in biology, particles that are smaller than 500 Daltons can penetrate the skin, just so happens that amino acids when they're micronized, are smaller than 500 Dalton, so it goes through the skin. So it's actually a really simple solution to, you know, recovery problem, it's one key ingredient, where you're literally soaking in protein, and it's going into your skin and into your muscle. It's like, in a nutshell, it's that simple. But no one ever did that. So we jumped on it and wanting to protect it.


William 58:58 

Yeah, so hopefully we get the utility patent when we file for it next February. Fingers crossed.


Kayley 59:05 

I think that's a really big aspect in healing and recovery for postpartum women and women who are pregnant actually have a harder time with their muscles because some of the muscles have to weaken in order to make room for the baby. And so there's an overcompensation of other muscles, which is why some of them have hip pain. I'm one of them, but actually, a lot of them have hip pain. So I would definitely recommend bathing evolved for pregnant women postpartum and just a part of an overall wellness routine for people who are whether they're athletes or I mean everyone needs movement, everyone needs to build their muscles. So I would say it's really good for everyone but especially pregnant and postpartum women and people who are doing a little more intensive a fitness routine than just low intensity. But yeah, this is an amazing time having getting together for this podcast and I was so happy to hear your story and about your pattern and just talking about bathing and wellness. That's what we're about. We're about wellness and bathing, for me has been one of the biggest factors in wellness like whenever we're sick we add certain ingredients or our bathing evolved especially to our bath and it's a really big part. So I just wanted to thank you all for getting together and...... the wellness world more innovative people like you and you're bringing more.


William 1:01:32 

Great OSH appreciate Caspian


Kayley 1:01:35 

They love bathing evolved.


William 1:01:40 

It puts Caspian right to sleep


Kayley 1:01:45 

We've used up since halts before like by themselves but when we used eating evolve, Josh said he felt like he had the most rejuvenating sleep after that he's ever had it said that he felt like he slept for a super long time and he didn't like wake up a lot in the night so it's definitely changed his life.


David 1:02:09 

It's so great to hear you know what it's all about having like as we talked about, like giving everyone their own personal Oasis like you can turn your own you know bathtub into a healing center you know, without having to go to the spa and like don't yeah, like spend hundreds of dollars in the spa experience but bring it home with you.


William 1:02:35 

And more products to come, we're just starting just scratching the surface with you Kayley with the whole team that's coming on board for bathing evolved really changed the world of at home self care our mission is, right?


Kayley 1:02:54 

Yeah, I'll definitely have you guys on again when you have like new things to say about the products and the development process and especially when the launches. Tune in to next time we'll be having some surprise guests and in the future, we will be having David and Well on again. So thank you for listening. Have a good evening. Bye.




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