Optimize Your Wellness with a Foot Bath

Short History of the Foot bath

The foot bath is a holistic health remedy that dates back hundreds of years. Back in the old days, it was common practice to come home and soak your feet.

 Ancient Chinese & Japanese practice both believed in the importance of daily foot soaks and how feet are the foundation or root to our health.

Foot Bath Myths

The color of the water doesn’t matter after your foot soak.

Toxins released are processed by your liver and released through bile & urine. They do not ooze out of your feet.


Daily foot soaks aid in blood circulation & health maintenance. Practices such as reflexology stemmed from this belief, which is a system of massage used to relieve tension and treat illness.


We should address our "roots". The soles of your feet contain more sweat glands and sensory nerve endings per square centimeter than any other part of the body.


1. Pure water is a must! Our pores are very permeable.

2. Avoid plastic bowls, ideally use a copper.

3. Our Revival bath salt mix is a perfect foot bath solution.

4. Soak your feet for a minimum of 15 minutes in order to reap optimum benefits.

WHEN should you do one?

Before bed is a great time, especially if you're soaking your feet in magnesium 

While working at home, especially on the computer to ground yourself

When you are under the weather

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