Mark Sircus: The Guiding Star of Bathing Evolved

Mark Sircus Bathing Evolved


In the landscape of health and wellness, certain pioneers stand out for their visionary approaches and commitment to transformative healing. For us at Bathing Evolved, one such pioneer is Dr. Mark Sircus, Ac., OMD, DM (P), a renowned acupuncturist and a doctor of oriental and pastoral medicine.

A Guiding Influence: Mark Sircus and Our Founders

Dr. Sircus, with his profound work on magnesium and Co2 therapies, has been a significant source of inspiration for our founders. His Natural Allopathic Medicine approach resonated with our vision: to offer a more holistic, preventative approach to health and wellness, rooted in natural solutions. We admire his commitment to making medical knowledge accessible to all, regardless of background or financial capability.

Foundational Influence: Magnesium and Co2 Therapy

Dr. Sircus's research on magnesium and Co2 therapies has been a cornerstone in the development of our products. Magnesium, a vital mineral with wide-ranging health benefits, and Co2, with its role in regulating bodily functions, are key components of our formulations.

For instance, our flagship bath bomb, Renewal, was directly inspired by Dr. Sircus's insights. This ultimate bath product is designed to deliver a potent dose of relaxation and rejuvenation, harnessing the therapeutic properties of magnesium and the benefits of Co2. 

Natural Allopathic Medicine: A Shared Vision

Dr. Sircus's concept of Natural Allopathic Medicine aligns seamlessly with our ethos. His protocol, which addresses fundamental physiological issues and promotes self-care, mirrors our belief in the power of natural ingredients and the potential of the human body.

Following his philosophy, we aim to help you take control of your health and wellness in a safe, simple, and affordable way. Our products are designed to allow you to reap the benefits of his research and insights in the comfort of your own bath.

Embracing a Healthier Future with Bathing Evolved

Inspired by Dr. Sircus, we're committed to creating products that embody his ethos of accessibility, affordability, and efficacy. Every Bathing Evolved product is a testament to his influence and our shared vision for a healthier world.

We are proud to offer a 25% discount on your first order with us. Use the code "BathingEvolved25" at checkout and begin your journey towards optimal wellness with us, inspired by Dr. Mark Sircus.

We share Dr. Sircus's belief that health is a journey, not a destination. With his guidance, and through Bathing Evolved, we're committed to being your companions on this journey, helping you uncover the secrets to your best health.

By choosing Bathing Evolved, you're choosing an approach inspired by a pioneer in natural health and wellness. Here's to your health, naturally evolved!

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