How A1 Dairy May Be Destroying Your Health

Why A1 Dairy May Be Destroying Your Health


For ages, dairy products, especially milk, have been part and parcel of our lives. However, what if we told you that the same dairy product is potentially a big reason behind ones deteriorating skin, digestive, immune, and just overall wellness and health.

Would you believe it?

Initially we didn't  as organic dairy products offer a lot of essential vitamins and other nutrients that help us grow healthy.

But, there is a certain type of dairy product that can be like a slow poison for you.

Yep, you heard it right. Literally a poison.

Many dairy products with A1 milk topping the list are the main reason behind various diseases you are facing nowadays.

So, let's the hell is this possible? We were told organic, raw milk was a superfood regardless of origin. 

What can we do to educate ourselves today to make better choices going forward and keep our immune system safe.

We'll try and answer of these questions in this article.

Here, we are going to introduce you to how A1 dairy is destroying your health and the reasons behind it.

Along with it, we will also provide you with some way-outs to stay safe and
healthy. So, use this article to get all of your answers.

What is A1 dairy?

A1 dairy, or what we call the A1 milk, is the most commonly consumed milk today in the West.

It comes from cows inhabiting or brought from Northern Europe. The breeds that produce A1 milk include Holstein, Fresian and British Shorthorn.

The milk is rich in fat and owns much more calories than A2 milk, which comes from cows originating from the South Asian region.

The reason A1 milk is consumed more is that it is produced more. The cows breed from Northern Europe produce much more milk than the cows inhabiting the South Asian region.

8 Ways A1 Milk is Affecting your health

As you have heard before that, A1 dairy of A1 milk is a bit risky to intake regularly and can cause various diseases. So, for this, we will now be listing 8 of the most commonly caused diseases and infections by continuous A1 milk intake.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome:

The worst effect of A1 dairy bar none.

One of the most threatening and horrendous side effects of A1 milk is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. When a child dies in the early days of birth, it is termed SID or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

There are various causes for it, but one of the common causes is a high intake of A1milk. Some mothers choose packaged milk and hardly breastfeed their babies. So, if the milk you are getting falls in the category of A1 dairy, it can be life-threatening for your kid. Regular intake of A1 milk produces high levels of BCM-7.

BCM-7 penetrates into your baby’s blood and causes breathing problems. This, if not taken seriously, can lead your kid to death. So, always consult a specialist before choosing the right milk for your newborn.

A1 Milk Affects Child’s Learning Ability

One of the most dreadful impacts of A1 milk is mitigated learning ability. The presence of BCM-7 in the A1 milk causes morphine-like effects that directly hit your nervous system.

Experts say that people consuming A1 milk process things late compared to those who drink A2 milk. So, drinking A1 milk regularly can be hazardous to your nervous system.

Consumption of A1 milk causes obesity.

Around 42% of the adults inhabiting the United States of America are the victim of obesity. The reason behind it is nothing but unhealthy eating practices and regular consumption of A1 milk. A1 milk is incredibly inflammatory, and designed that way in order for calf's to receive nutrition rapidly. A1 milk penetrates the lining of the digestive track to a calf's blood stream rapidly, and does the same for humans when consuming. This creates an elevated level of cortisol causing weight to easily be put on. A2 milk has no inflammatory aspect to it, reducing cortisol and increasing your body's chances of reducing weight naturally.

A1 Milk can cause Autism.

Autism is a developmental disorder caused mainly to kids. There are many reasons for Autism in kids, including genetic disorders, but currently, one of the most common reasons for Autism is
access consumption of A1 milk.

Like Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Autism is also caused by an abundance of BCM-7 in your blood. And, you know, BCM-7 is what A1 milk produces in your body. So, if you want your kid to stay safe from diseases like Autism, keep them safe from A1 diary.

A1 milk can cause Cancer.

One of the most threatening things about the consumption of A1 milk is the risk of cancer in both men and women. A1 milk is rich in calcium when compared to A2 milk. This abundance of calcium can lead women to ovarian cancer. And in men, the abundance of calcium can cause prostate cancer. So, it will be better if you avoid A1 milk as much as it is possible.

A1 milk affects the Digestive system.

It is thought that bloating, gas and diarrhea are caused due to lactose intolerance. However, things are different if we look at the details. Diseases like diarrhea and bloating are caused by BCM-7 and not by lactose intolerance. So, if you want to stay safe, avoid consuming A1 milk.

Type 1 diabetes: A by-product many times from A1 milk

Today, there are a lot of young adults dealing with Type 1 diabetes. There are various reasons behind it, but various experts relate type 1 diabetes with A1 milk consumption.

The A1 B-casein milk protein is a primary trigger for diabetes in young adults. So, if you want yourself and your loved ones safe from diabetes, it is better to avoid A1 milk.

A1 milk leads to heart diseases.

Along with all other diseases that A1 milk causes, heart disease tops the list. It has been studied that regular intake of A1 milk can lead to chronic heart diseases, leading to heart failure. This is due to the inflammation the substance brings about in humans.


To conclude, we are good to say that the article has finely enriched you that how A1 dairy is destroying your health. Above, we have introduced you to some of the most common diseases caused by A1 milk and how A2 milk is a better option than A1. However, if you want to know more about the topic or even if you find anything missing, do let us know. We are always here to help you out.


Is A1 milk hazardous to health?

It is right to say that A1 milk is much more hazardous than it is beneficial for your health. Inflammatory BCM-7, which is the main reason behind various chronic
diseases, should be avoided to reduce your inflammation markers. 

What about Kerry Gold or Organic Pastures Raw Milk?

They manufacture their dairy from A1 sources and are not recommended.

What is the main source of A1 milk?

The main source of A1 milk is the cows breed that inhabits the Northern Europe region. These cows milk much more than normal cows, and this is why A1 milk is present in abundance. The cows’ species include Holstein, Fresian and British Shorthorn.

Does A1 milk cause addiction?

You must be surprised to hear it, but it is true that A1 milk causes addiction to drink milk. The A1milk contains BCM-7 and Casomorphin-7, which are capable enough to produce morphine-like effects. So, regular intake of A1 milk can lead you to milk addiction, and this may cause various serious diseases.

Is it ok to intake A1 milk during pregnancy?

It is always suggested to drink a lot of milk for adequate calcium in the body during pregnancy. However, no expert will ever suggest A1 milk during pregnancy. There is a no more dangerous
thing for pregnant women than A1 milk.
Regular intake of A1 milk can lead to various microorganisms in your body. This is what will make your baby vulnerable to various diseases. So, it is never a good option to consume A1 milk during pregnancy.

What do consume instead? A2 Dairy Sources

- Goat Dairy Products
- Sheep DairyProducts
- Fine Cheeses from France (France does not produce cheese from A1 Cows)
- Fine Cheeses from Italy (Same as France)
- Buffalo Dairy Products such as their Mozzarella

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